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Respect for tradition

Our workshop builds Wooden Dummies (Muk Yan CHONG), respecting the form and timber used in the manufacturing technique of China in order to keep alive the tradition of entirely handcrafted product. The craftsman started this production in 2008 after an accurate study of the eastern tradition of martial arts. This workshop builds WD, with the full knowledge of the use that is made ​​of them. It’s a workshop UNIQUE IN ITALY as it’s born only for this purpose!

Wide choice of models

Wooden Dummy Italia offers a wide variety of models which are different for their size, structure, timber and finishes that can be customized on request with minimal costs. There are two distinct and different models: - fixed WD, without frame, with a platform or a rigid structure, without movement and oscillations. - movable WD, fixed on a swinging frame that meets the blows received.

Materials and workmanship of first choice

Our Wooden Dummies are handcrafted with the following first-rate timbers: Douglas, Oak, Mahogany. These timbers are worked after being dried for months before use in order to reduce potential cracks. When the wooden dummy is completed, it’s hand-rubbed down and finished with natural paints and treatments against insects. We can deliver all over the world. For info about the shipment, please contact us. Each product has the brand and the serial number.

Valorisation of handcraft